Claudia Ganz - Mountain Chic Fournished Homes Davos Klosters


Managing Director and Founder

During her many years practicing the law Claudia Ganz made a hobby of interior design, drawing on her own personal style, her flair for decorating and her attention to detail. From her own home, she moved on to advising friends about theirs, and subsequently took on the complete interior design of her new holiday apartment in Davos, where she planned all the fittings and furnishings down to the very last detail. It was then that the idea of making a business out of her hobby took on definite shape.

In establishing Mountain Chic, Claudia Ganz has now turned her passion for stylish living into her profession.

For Claudia Ganz, the most important aspect is the object as a whole. From planning the living space to deciding on fittings and furnishings, right through to selecting each individual accessory, her ultimate goal is to create a place full of harmony which represents an unparalleled quality of living.

Mountain Chic Fournished Homes Davos Klosters